Driven by a passion for connecting people with their cultural heritage and improving the visitor experience, Jenni is an experienced audience researcher who has worked in the field for many years, first as a freelance consultant and then as Visitor Studies & Audience Research Officer for National Museums Scotland (NMS).

In her role as Audience Research Officer, she was responsible for developing and implementing an extensive programme of research into visitor learning through consultation and evaluation before, during and after exhibitions, gallery developments and events. The post was an integral part of the Learning & Programmes Department, and as such, the main focus of her work was on qualitative visitor consultation, which directly influenced the development of exhibitions and learning programmes. However, Jenni worked across departments and sites, and liaised closely with the Marketing and Communications Department on a museum-wide approach to visitor research and audience development. Through the experience she has gathered over the years, she has developed an intuition towards different target audiences and their needs, expectations and ways of thinking

One of the highlights of her career, has been the planning and implementation of the consultation and evaluation framework for the £50m Heritage Lottery Fund supported Royal Museum Project at the National Museum of Scotland. In particular, she led a series of focus groups over a three year period, consulting on various aspects of the project with a wide variety of visitors, and was directly involved in the development of content for the new galleries, including three galleries aimed specifically at children and families.


Jenni has experience in all stages of evaluation and consultation, including front-end, formative and summative. She is well versed in the design and implementation of visitor surveys and questionnaires, facilitating focus groups, and managing prototyping of both mechanical and computer based hands-on interactives. Other methodologies from her repertoire include interviews, observation and tracking, and mind mapping. Jenni also teaches workshops in a selection of these methodologies, as well as on an introduction to evaluation in general.

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