sam surveyJenni is an experienced workshop leader, running workshops on introduction to evaluation, surveys & questionnaires, tracking & observation, and how to run focus groups. Her past clients include the National Museum Wales, GEM Wales, the National Galleries of Scotland, the Highland Council, the Museum of the University of St Andrews, and the National Trust for Scotland.

During her post as Audience Research Officer at National Museums Scotland, Jenni also ran regular internal workshops for staff, as well as for external partners through the National Museums Scotland Knowledge Exchange Programme.

If you would like Jenni to come and run a workshop for you, please get in touch!

Workshop Testimonials

“Excellent course – found it extremely useful and practical.”

“This was a well-delivered, animated course. The pitch was just right and the facilitator had a great balance between prepared materials and responsive content.”

“Really enjoyed the day! Imaginative games, very clear handouts, very interesting course content.”

“Real insights and real experience from an expert practitioner. Thank you.”