jenni fuchs publications


Jenni is an experienced conference speaker. Here you can find a selection of her papers and publications, some available for download. For any follow up questions, please feel free to get in touch.


  • “Museums in the Digital Age: Communicating With Your Audiences in 14o Characters”, in Museums and Written Communication: Traditions and Innovation, “Tangaran” Research-Methodical Annual 2012 – Proceedings of ICOM CECA in Yerevan, October 2012, translated into Armenian >> view online
  • “Museums and Social Media”, in ICOM Education Issue 23: Museum Education and New Media, ICOM-CECA, September 2012 >> view online
  • “From Social Media to Social Harmony”, in Museums for Social Harmony. Public Education and Museums, by Guo Junyin & Marlly Fang Wang (Eds.), 2011, Jinan University Press – Proceedings of ICOM CECA in Shanghai, October 2010 >> view online
  • “Generic Learning Outcomes as a strategic tool for evaluating learning impact”, in Heritage Learning Matters. Museums and Universal Heritage, by Hadwig Kraeutler (Ed.), 2008, Schlebrügge – Proceedings of ICOM CECA in Vienna, August 2007

Unpublished Papers

  • “Extremes: Life in Subarctic Canada – The impact of exhibition evaluation on setting priorities for museum education” (ICOM-CECA, Reykjavik, October 2009)
  • “Including Gaelic in Interpretation – A Case Study of Fonn ‘s Dutchas: Land and Legacy” (Visitor Studies Group, Inverness, April 2008)
  • “The Connect Gallery: Using prototype evaluation as a strategic tool in the design process of interactives” (Visitor Studies Group, Edinburgh, June 2007 & Cardiff, November 2007)
  • “Learning from Living Culture – Family Visiting Experiences at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival” (MA Dissertation, University of Leicester, September 2003)
  • “Culture and Religion in Expatriate Congregations” (Research Seminar in European Ethnology, Milton Keynes, January 2003)

Other Presentations

  • “From Hidden Gems to Rainbows – engaging with your audiences creatively through social media” (Ciencia En Redes, Madrid, April  2016) >> watch on YouTube
  • “Aren’t You Bored of Museums Yet? The challenges of niche blogging” (The Hive European Blog Conference, Berlin, May 2013) >> view online
  • “An overview of front-end, formative and summative evaluation”; “Introduction to prototyping interactives”; “Some pointers on interpreting results” (Visitor Studies Group, Swansea, March 2009)
  • “Shaping the Royal Museum Project through Consultation” (Scottish Museums Federation, Glasgow, November 2008)
  • “Beyond the Clipboard: Introduction to Evaluation” (Vital Spark Conference, Aviemore, October 2007)
  • “Visitor Studies at National Museums Scotland” (GEM Scotland, Edinburgh, April 2006)

Jenni was also a regular annual guest speaker on the museum studies course at the University of St Andrews from 2006 – 2011.