Web Development

Jenni has experience in the management of websites, assisting with the relaunch of the new National Museums Scotland and Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (National Museums in Berlin) websites, and actively taking forward the relaunch of the UK Visitor Studies Group and ICOM CECA websites, which she subsequently managed.Her speciality in the latter cases, was information architecture and content creation. She also took a key role in developing a bilingual website for the German-speaking Congregation in Edinburgh. Furthermore, she has built sites for her own blogs and online projects, and has experience of working with CMS, including WordPress, Typo3 and Drupal.

Management & Leadership

Through her work at National Museums Scotland, Jenni has built up significant experience in managing both volunteers and interns, as well as managing projects, and has attended management training courses for both areas. Interns regularly fed back on the positive experience they had being part of Jenni’s team and benefiting from her mentorship and tutelage. As Chair of the UK Visitor Studies Group (VSG) Jenni managed the committee and held overall responsibility for the annual events programme. She also successfully organised and managed two of the VSG summer schools directly, a two-day major annual event in the VSG calendar. With her abilities to plan, delegate and think outside the box, as well as her endless enthusiasm, Jenni motivated other committee members by setting an example of good leadership.

Museum Education

Jenni’s career started in the museum education sector, volunteering and interning at the National Museum of Scotland, the Museum of Welsh Life, and the Smithsonian’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. She later returned to National Museums Scotland as Learning & Programmes Officer, where her included developing programmes, events and interactive exhibitions for families. Her subsequent role, as Visitor Studies/Audience Research Officer, was also integral to the Learning & Programmes Department. The main focus of her work, was on qualitative visitor consultation, which directly influenced the development of exhibitions and learning programmes. Through this experience, she has developed a sensitivity for different target audiences and their needs and expectations, and is familiar with using collections to inspire learning and creativity.

Both in a professional capacity as a museum educator and audience researcher, as well as in a personal capacity as mother to two young children, Jenni has for many years been a passionate advocate for children and families in museums and galleries. As part of her advocacy work, she approached one of the museums in Berlin about developing a monthly event for parents and carers with babies, which they then worked on together to make a reality. She also regularly writes about children and families in museums, on her museum blog.


As mentioned above, Jenni has experience of managing an events programme for the VSG, and organising family events at National Museums Scotland. She also also worked together with a number of organisations across Berlin to run a series of museum ‘tweetups’ , experimenting with different formats. One of her biggest successes to date, is organising the Berlin Museum Marathon in 2014 – a sponsored walk around 26 of the cities museums in one day, to raise money for a local charity providing access ramps to venues that are inaccessible to wheelchairs.