As well as social media, Jenni has a keen interest in the web. She had a key role in taking forward the development of the new VSG website, and in developing a bilingual website for the German-speaking Congregation in Edinburgh. Her speciality in both cases was information architecture for the sites, as well as assisting with content creation.

Museum Marathon

Elternzeit Kultur


Museum Education

Conference Planning/ Events Management

Management & Leadership

Through her work at National Museums Scotland, Jenni has built up significant experience in managing both volunteers and interns, as well as managing projects, and has attended management training courses for both areas. Interns regularly fed back on the positive experience they had being part of Jenni’s team and benefiting from her mentorship and tutelage.

As Chair of the UK Visitor Studies Group (VSG) Jenni managed the committee and held overall responsibility for the annual events programme. She also successfully organised and managed two of the VSG summer schools directly, a two-day major annual event in the VSG calendar. With her abilities to plan, delegate and think outside the box, as well as her endless enthusiasm, Jenni motivated other committee members by setting an example of good leadership.